Israelite Network Sponsors and contributors
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The Israelite Network would like to thank the following organizations and many other individuals for supporting and/or sponsoring the Israelite Network missions and programs. If you would like to become a sponsor your donation would be appreciated

List Of Our Sponsors and Contributors:


The individuals and organizations listed here do not necessarily endorse the information presented or available on The Israelite Network..

The Israelite Network and Virtual Sanctuary programs could use your help in fulfilling their mission.

To make your contribution please fill out our donation form.

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The Israelite Network
P.O. Box 2143, NYC 10108
Tel: 646-368-7137
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The Israelite Network
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If you feel that this information has been a blessing to you,
please bless us back with your generous donation,
to help us spread the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Thank you, and may the Lord continue to bless you!


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