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K-12 Education *

Berit's Best Sites for Children
Canada's Schoolnet
College Preparatory School of America (CPSA)
Cyber High School
Doty's Education Page
Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)
Educational Electronic Mail Lists
Education Store
Global SchoolNet Foundation
Hillside Elementary
Hillside Elementary School
Interesting Places for Kids
Internet for Kids
Internet Route 6-16 Links for Kids
Kids Page
Kid's Web
Links for Kids
Los Alamos Middle School Computer
Newton's Apple
North Pole Middle School
OSC Young Person Guide to the Internet Educator
Public Broadcast Service
Steve Linduska's K-12 Resources
The Bookstore
Science Questions and Professionals at the Newton BBS
Volcano World

Colleges & Universities *

American Universities
Apple Virtual Campus
Globewide Network Academy (GNA)
New Media Center
Virtual Online University
Distance Learning 1
Distance Learning 2
Cornel University Multimedia Lab
Wentworth Worldwide Media's Classroom Connect
U.S. Teachers Online Project

Arizona Universities *

Arizona State University

University of Arizona
Northern Arizona University
University Libraries Video Resources
The College of Extended Education
The American Language and Culture Program
Joint Arizona Center for Manufacturing Education and Training (JACMET)
Delivery Systems Summary for JACMET
The Consortium For Instructional Innovation
The GSA/ASU Project
Information Technology
ASU Graduate Catalog
ASU Affiliated Dial-up Internet Service Providers
Distance Learning Sites *

The AT&T Center for Excellence in Distance Learning
University of Maine Multi Media Summit for Education
The Open University of the United Kingdom
The Apple Virtual Campus
Open and Distance Learning Critical Success Factors
NYU Center For Digital Multimedia
Distance Learning Resource Network
Distance Learning Week, March 23 - March 29, 1997
National Technological University
City University EDROADS
CyberEd at UMass Dartmouth
The Globewide Network Academy
Athena University Virtual Online University
Louisiana College Online
Resources for courses taught online *

The Internet University - College Courses by Computer

The World Lecture Hall
Delivering Instruction on the World Wide Web
Effective Use Of The Web For Education: Design Principles and Pedagogy
Multimedia courseware on the Web: examples and templates
University Online, Inc.
Teaching On Line: An Interview with Two DIAL Faculty Members
World Wide Web Course Development and Delivery
New Chalk
Television *

KAET Channel 8 Television

Discovery Channel

PBS Homepage
Royal Television Society - North American Center
Libraries *

Association of Research Libraries
Internet Public Library
Libraries Online
Library of Congress
Library Information Servers
Library Resources on the Internet
Los Angeles Public Library

Multimedia Medical Reference Library
New York Public Library
Online Computer Library Center
Research Libraries Group
Virtual Library
webCAT: Library Catalogues
Museums *

Egyptian Papyrus Collection
Field Museum of Natural History
Museum of Paleontology (Tyrannosaurus Rex Exposition)
World Art Treasurese

References *
Britannica Online
CEDAR National Address Server
Hypertext Webster Interface
Knight-Ridder Information
Lexis-Nexis Communication Center
Thomson Publishing's
University Microfilms International
Virtual Library: Law Schools & Libraries

Online Dictionaries. Free!

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1.  Entertainment Weekly Magazine
2.  US News & World Report Magazine
3.  Business Week Magazine
4.  Men's Health Magazine
5.  Prevention Magazine
6. US Weekly Magazine
7.  National Enquirer Magazine
8.  Rolling Stone Magazine
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  • Thesaurus, etc
  • Medical dictionary
  • Diseases
  • Encyclopedia
  • Spanish Dictionary
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    Italian dictionary Japanese dictionary Greek dictionary
    Science dictionary Chinese dictionary Law & Legal dictionary
    Sign language dictionary Occupational Titles Bible dictionary
    Hebrew dictionary Russian dictionary Slang dictionary
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    Business Needs

    Career & Classifieds

    • Teaching Jobs Job search directory for education jobs. Listings of jobs for K-12 teachers as well as higher education teaching jobs. Also ESL and international job listings for teachers.
    • Science Jobs Find science jobs in biology, pharmaceutical sales, chemistry, biochemistry and related biomedical fields.
    • Alex' Illicit Guide to Medical School Admissions Information and advice on becoming a doctor from a current medical student. Great information on medical school admissions, planning, MCAT, etc.

    Credit and Finance

    Loans and Mortgages

    • Auto Loan Calculator and Auto Loan Rates car payment calcultor allows to estimate loan payments at different auto loan rates. Tools for auto financing include online calculator for monthly payments for loan or lease and credit check.




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